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Uruguay BOX

Get a curated selection of handpicked products delivered straight from Uruguay to your door

Uruguay BOX introduces you to tastes flavours typical of our culture, along with recipes, suggestions on how to enjoy your purchase, and  how to experience the aspects of our tradition and values.

Every BOX is a curated selection of only the best and most representative elements of Uruguay, so yes, every box will include "Dulce de Leche". Some also include a special gift.

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The BOX Experience

Uruguay BOX


Uruguay BOX #1 - Starter

The first BOX will contain Dulce de Leche, Ricarditos, and a great selection of the best and most typical products. And also your first Bombilla and Yerba for you to start drinking Mate right away.

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Gift Card

A gift card is a great present for those Uruguayans that are abroad and missing the little country, and for those wishing to experience Uruguay.

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Health Protocols

All our fulfilment is done under strict protocols and health guidelines. All products will be quarantined and disinfected before packaging.

Terms of Service

The best selection

We handpick every product to ensure superior quality and the best Uruguayan experience. Every BOX has a special cultural theme, designed to create an emotional connection to our country, our culture and hopefuly someday, have you visit us.

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Customers say:

I love being able to experience other cultures, but with travel restrictions it has not been easy, not like this.

Kevin, visited as a tourist in 2013

It´s just so cool to get these boxes of great tasting and interesting products on your door.

Ashley, Uruguay Fan since 2015

I just can´t get enough of that Dulce de Leche!! 

Lars, Faroe Islands

Mate is not addictive, I´ve been drinking every day for the last 20 years and never felt addiction.

Jorge, Uruguayan.